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Company Mission

We inspire people around the world to get in touch with the peaceful and loving part of themselves, to spread it to others and to create positive change in the world.

Artist & Muse

I'm Sue Sarah Gilbert, the Artist. Susan Bird is my invisible Muse: bossy, bold, and cocky. She bills herself as “The World’s Greatest Artist,” having inspired the likes of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, René Magritte, and Dr. Seuss – plus the ancient Egyptians – to name a few. It is Susan who insists that our work be LARGE (note her prominent logo).


I, on the other hand, prefer to stay behind the scenes. As a former collage and mixed media artist, I produced intricate artworks on canvas and wood. These pieces were showcased and sold at Northwest art shows from 2012–2017; they are now displayed in homes in Washington, Oregon, California, Georgia, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.


Nowadays, I am Susan Bird’s keen artist. She feeds me ideas nonstop, filling my sketchbooks with wordplay, bold designs, and her signature sass. Using my favorite software, I transform our drawings into finished designs. I’m diligent and exacting with a slice of whimsy.


Together, we are Susan Bird Artwork! Our humble objective is to spread joy and laughter with our Playful Art with Heart. So if you smile when you see our work, or feel a softness in your chest, we count ourselves successful.


We’re so glad you’re here.


–Sue Sarah Gilbert, Owner & Artist

Sue Sarah Gilbert is an arts graduate of Mills College and subsequently attended ArtCenter College of Design. Currently a member of Graphic Artists Guild, Evergreen Association of Fine Arts, and Cartoonists Northwest, Sue resides in Bellevue, Washington.