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Company Mission

Our Playful Art with Heart inspires people to tune into the peaceful and loving parts of themselves, spreading it out to others. In this way, we seek to create ripples of positive change through the world.


Our objective is to offer our artwork in as many settings as possible for maximum impact. We also believe in helping our community. Recently we loaned several pieces to Overlake Hospital (Bellevue, WA), donated one to Roosevelt Elementary (Spokane, WA) and another to Legal Voice, a Seattle non-profit. 


Sue Sarah Gilbert - Artist and Owner

Raised in Connecticut, Sue graduated from Mills College and subsequently studied film and advertising design at ArtCenter in LA. After working as a filmmaker in LA, she moved to Seattle and focused on on raising her family. In 2010 Sue returned to creating art. Working in mixed media, she crafted intricately layered artworks using paint, paper, fabric, plastic, and even candy wrappers. Her works were small and her subject matter was intensely personal.


In 2016, Sue won the People’s Choice Award at the Northwest Collage Society Show (juried) for her piece, "She Was Troubled by Premonitions." She also participated in several community art shows in Seattle. Her work is proudly displayed in homes in Washington, Oregon, California, Georgia, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. 


In order to better serve her clients, Sue expanded into digital art, offering her work in various sizes and making it more affordable. She ended up loving this medium because it’s infinitely changeable, forgiving, and uniquely suited to her drawing style. Working mainly on computer, she develops ideas created in her sketchbook. Her work has become happier with more universal themes: love, peace, joy, and storytelling.

Susan Bird Artwork

Susan Bird - Muse

Susan Bird is Sue's inner voice and has functioned as her Muse for several years. Susan Bird is neither bird nor human. Like music in the background, she’s a constant source of inspiration, encouragement and motivation.

When Sue formed her company, she named it after Susan Bird because her personality fits the artwork so well. Here you can see a visual rendition of Sue's Muse as she imagines her: sassy, bold and kind.

Sue lives on a lake outside of Seattle where she plays every day in her upstairs studio. She's currently a member of Graphic Artists Guild, Evergreen Association of Fine Arts, Manhattan Arts International, and a friend of The Healing Power of

Art & Artists.

In addition to Susan Bird, Sue is fortunate to have three collaborators helping her move each piece across the finish line. Many thanks to Krista Jensen, Kaitlynn Gaffney, and Jean Beuoy. (They are, in fact, real people.)


Together we form Susan Bird Artwork, spreading joy and laughter across the world with our Playful Art with Heart. If you smile when you see our work, or feel a softness in your chest, we count ourselves successful. 


                                                                We’re so glad you’re here.


                                                                – Sue

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