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Who is Susan Bird Artwork?


Our "Playful Art with Heart" seeks to inspire people to tap into the deeper, loving parts of themselves. By infusing these feelings into our brand, we create ripples of positivity to spread throughout the world.

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Sue Sarah Gilbert - Artist & Owner

I've always been a storyteller, using my artwork both to entertain and to reflect my life values. Raised on fairy tales, children’s illustrations and cartoons, I came of age during the 60s with its influx of pop culture. My art has morphed into a synthesis of all those influences.


My life has been adventurous. I’ve studied advertising, art, graphic design, and writing. In between I've enjoyed bareboat sailing. I’ve also been a filmmaker, a boom operator (film), a props master, an apartment manager, a photographer, a book editor, a mom, and now - the best! - a grandmother.

I grew up sailing on the Long Island Sound off Connecticut (you'll see lots of boats in my work). After many years working in Los Angeles, I moved to Washington in 1992. My home is on a lake near Seattle where I spend lots of time watching the play of light across water and working in my studio above the garage.

I treasure kindness, imagination, and independent thinking. I love reading and sharing ideas. I admire beauty.

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Susan Bird - Muse

My company's named after Susan Bird because she’s my creative power and muse. As you can see from this picture, she’s definitely from another realm (ask me about her and I’ll gladly share more).

Our Team

I'm fortunate to have three part-time colleagues helping me move each work

across the finish line. Many thanks to Kaitlynn Gaffney, Elif Mokran, and

Lori Pang. (They are, in fact, from this realm.)

Licensing & other opportunities

We are actively seeking licensees for wall art, greeting cards, apparel, children’s and gift merchandise, product labels, and anything healthy and wholesome. If we can help your idea shine, please contact us!

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