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We love making people happy
and we love to play!


Our "Playful Art with Heart" seeks to inspire people to tap into the deeper, loving parts of themselves. By infusing our work with these intentions, we create ripples of positivity to spread throughout the world.

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Sue Sarah Gilbert - Artist & Owner

I've always been a storyteller. I utilize my art skills both to entertain and to reflect my life values. Raised on fairy tales, children’s illustrations and cartoons, I then came of age during the 60s with its influx of pop art culture. My art has morphed into a creative synthesis of all those influences. These days I work primarily in digital art. And now I am influenced by Susan Bird!

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Susan Bird - Spirit Guide

Susan is my creative partner and Muse as well as a spirit from another realm. She flew into my life unexpectedly in 2018 when I began hearing her talk to me as I was sketching. (Coming from a spiritualist background, listening to her came naturally.) As she began peppering me with ideas and encouragement, my sketchbook filled quickly. She graces my life daily with her inspiration, encouragement and humor!

You can hear the full story of how we met on our YouTube channel HERE.

Sue and Susan collaborating 

Both of us love words, bold designs, and bright colors. Both of us crave a simpler world with lots of time to laugh and play. We can be VERY silly! We also treasure peacefulness, the quiet between words, and deep contented sighs. We believe in miracles and new beginnings, in the benefits of humor and the power of good intentions. We believe that LIFE IS GOOD, that we have to allow that GOODNESS in.


By purchasing our prints and products, or sharing us on social media, you are helping us spread the energy of playfulness and joy.  We are always - always - grateful for your participation.  

Licensing & other opportunities

We are actively seeking licensees for wall art, greeting cards, apparel, children’s and gift merchandise, product labels, and anything healthy and wholesome. If we can help your idea shine, please contact us!

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