The Artist and her Muse

Our Team

In addition to Susan Bird, I'm fortunate to have three colleagues helping me move each design across the finish line. Many thanks to Kaitlynn Gaffney, Krista Jensen and Jean Beuoy. (They are, in fact, real people.)



Our "Playful Art with Heart" seeks to inspire people to tap into the deeper, loving parts of themselves. By infusing these feelings into our brand, we hope to create ripples of positivity throughout the world.




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Sue Sarah Gilbert - Artist & Owner

I like to live with adventure, passion and purpose. It wasn't until art re-entered my life in 2010 that I stumbled into all three at once. Trained in commercial art, I had always devalued my whimsical side. It’s been such a delight to let myself roam, especially after the discovery of digital art-making in 2018. Meeting Susan Bird that year was also inspiring. Together we have adventure and purpose, along with deep metaphysical underpinnings inherited from my mother. 


I live on a lake near Seattle where I play every day in my studio, creating work to send out into the world. 


Now let me introduce Susan…

Susan Bird Artwork

Susan Bird - Muse

Susan is imaginary. I know, roll your eyes… Floating on the currents of creativity, Susan sends me ideas non-stop. Both of us love words, bold designs, and bright colors. Both of us imagine a simpler world with lots of time to laugh and play. Though serious about our art, we can be VERY silly!

Licensing & other opportunities

Our art is currently licensed through Fine Art America and Redbubble. We are actively seeking more collaborators for clothing designs, children’s and gift merchandise, interior design, and anything healthy and wholesome. If we can help your idea shine, please contact us!

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