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Our Videos

In these videos, we entertain you with art, humor,

philosophy and wisdom.


1. Welcome to our very first video, introducing our artists Susan Bird and Sue Gilbert. One of us is human; the other is a spirit from another dimension (more on that later). Step into our whimsical world!

2. I explain how I met my spirit guide, Susan Bird, and how we began to work together. She has been a profound influence on my art, allowing me unlimited freedom of expression. You too can have such a muse!

3. I show you the very beginnings of our work process, from pencil drawing to digitizing a sketch, and then beginning to manipulate it onscreen. I hope this video answers some questions and inspires you to try it yourself!

4. Susan Bird helps me overcome my “imposter’s syndrome” as an artist as she entices me into a professional life. There are a few tips here for my friends who are also lacking confidence in your work or life. 

6. I discuss the role of the observer in artwork from the 16th century to the present day. Here I analyze the effect of adding observers or watchers to illustrative art, including examples from our own work. Definitely food for thought!

7. I discuss the artistic and psychological effects of using contrasting light and dark values in artwork. Using examples from different art styles, I show how these polar opposites complement one another - both in life and in art. 

8. I take you behind the scenes into my software to show how I use layers as an organizational design tool. This video will especially appeal to those of you who are unfamiliar with digital design. 

9. In exploring the history of images combined with words, we move from ancient hieroglyphics through Pop Art to the modern marvels of Susan Bird Artwork. Join us to enjoy this play of words with art!

10. In this video we create a story to draw a small parallel between collage and life. Life, like art, is most often a combination of the planned and the unplanned. In Susan Bird’s digital world, everything is fluid.

11. Here I explain the purpose and fun of using various forms of texture in artwork, starting with examples from nineteenth century etchings. It’s fun to play with pre-made patterns in this context. As always, I hope this video will spark your own creativity in whatever direction you choose!

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